Golf Club Memberships

You can enjoy Chicora Golf Club’s longer playing seasons with its wide range of membership options. Whether you are a recreational or professional golfer, an individual or an affiliate of one of our corporate partners, we offer pricing and privileges that best suit your preferences and status.

Other than the opportunity to play golf in the most comfortable and convenient way, we provide a wide range of services that will make you feel at home at our club.

Chicora Golf Club offers the following membership types:

Individual Membership

Available to anyone interested in playing golf and enjoying the perks and privileges we offer. Whether or not you are passionate about golfing, you are very much welcome to be a member of our club. We take pride in welcoming people coming from different cultures, personal background, and industries.

Family Membership

Offered to the spouse and children of regular members. While members aged 18 years old and below are categorized as children, those aged 19 to 24 years old are considered adults and must be enrolled full time at a university, college, or any institution offering higher education to enjoy the club benefits.

Corporate Membership

Available to anyone who wants to purchase membership for their business. People who own companies, corporations, and limited liability companies (LLC) qualify for this type of membership. See our Corporate Membership guidelines for more information on the pricing and privileges for this type of membership.

Social Membership

Available to individuals and couples who want to enjoy discounts for social functions and other non-golfing benefits in the club. This type of membership is great for people who love sponsoring or participating in the events held at Chicora Golf Club.

Senior Membership

Available to anyone aged 65 years old and above. Senior members can enjoy playing privileges from Mondays through Fridays. They can also play at the golf course for a minimal nominal fee during holidays and weekends.

Out of Town Membership

Available to anyone who resides outside the 35-mile radius of the Chicora Golf Club. Certain qualifications are also required before this type of membership can be granted.

Some of the privileges our club offers include access to our facilities and amenities, participation in social functions and special events, as well as great deals and discounts on our products and services. Members also get to enjoy a distinct type of experience not available in other golf clubs in the area.

Chicora Golf Club is currently accepting membership applications. If you are interested in becoming an exclusive member of our club, kindly contact us at (910) 897-7366. One of our club representatives will be happy to answer your questions and send more information about our Golf Club Memberships.

Members Playing Golf